Rice Bran Wax

Rice Bran Wax – Sustainable excellence.

As the UK’s sole importer of Rice Bran wax, Poth Hille have seen this unique wax grow in popularity and have supplied into a wide range of applications.

A hard natural wax, light in colour, Rice Bran wax has a high melt point, low acid value and is insoluble in water. Its hard shiny characteristics provide a strengthening of formulations whilst adding a glossy finish. It is used as an emulsion thickener, gelling agent and antioxidant when incorporated into skin creams. In some formulations, Rice Bran wax is used as a replacement for Carnauba and Candelilla Wax and has now become a major ingredient in many mascara products. In cosmetics it is used in lipsticks, lip balms, sun care creams and lotions. It is also a key ingredient in polishes, tablet coatings for food and pharmaceutical products, release agents, electrical insulation, printing inks and many other technical applications.

Rice Bran wax (Oryza sativa) is a natural vegetable wax extracted from Rice Bran Oil and is available in pellet form. Poth Hille has worked closely with the manufacturer to establish an environmentally friendly, sustainable, competitively priced wax and we are pleased to announce ECOCERT approval for this wax.

Refined Rice Bran wax (PHC 3434)

This versatile Refined Rice Bran Wax is FDA approved and ECO certified for use in many applications. It’s light colour and hard glossy finish makes it a key ingredient in cosmetic blends and food related formulations.

It is available in 25 kilos bags or cartons.

Refined Rice Bran Wax 3434 – Data Sheet

Poth Hille Rice Bran Wax

Poth Hille Rice Bran Wax

Poth Hille Rice Bran Wax