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For centuries, the mountainous regions of Western China have produced high quality beeswax.
Conditions here are not ideal but there are dispersed tea plantations, Rape and abundant nectar and pollen, which support a good number of bee colonies.

These local beekeepers prefer to keep the indigenous Chinese bees because they are more docile and do not require such elaborate management as the Mellifera bee. These indigenous bees are also chosen as they are better at foraging for dispersed nectar or pollen sources.

Poth Hille Organic Beeswax is sourced exclusively from the mountainous regions of Shan Xi and Gansu Provinces and has been developed in partnership with our nominated representative, working closely with the local beekeepers and the Chinese office of Kiwa BCS.

The entire Organic Beeswax production and collection process is annually reviewed. This process encompasses the inspection of hives, pollen collection areas covered by the bees, storage and packing facilities, separation of material, transportation and documentation, in addition to the refining and production process.

Exclusive to Poth Hille

The crude Organic Beeswax is gently melted over clean water which allows any sediment to settle. The molten beeswax is then filtered to remove any remaining foreign matter before being passed through a pelletising machine.

This process produces a pale-yellow wax pellet that still retains its distinctive aroma. The Organic Beeswax can also be offered as a white grade pellet which requires further filtration using natural bleaching earth.

The refining and filtration process are carried out to the Kiwa BCS approved standards and certified up to the point of shipment to the UK. To complete the process, Poth Hille & Co Ltd are further certified by The Soil Association and COSMOS for the distribution and supply of Organic Beeswax.

Both the Yellow Organic Beeswax Pellets ( PHC 5000 ) and the White Organic Beeswax Pellets ( PHC 2000 ) are supplied in 25 kilo Kraft paper bags.

Poth Hille Organic Beeswax

Uses & Applications

Lipsticks & Balms

Poth Hille Application Cosmetics Moisturiser


Poth Hille Application Cosmetics Pomades and Hair Care

Pomades & Haircare

Grades of Organic Beeswax

Organic BP Beeswaxes

These exhibit the same characteristics as the grades above and are also certified as organic by the UK Soil association.

There are two colour grades available:

White Organic Beeswax BP

(PHC 2000)

Available in pellet form in 25 kilo bags or cartons.

Yellow Organic Beeswax BP

(PHC 5000)

Available in pellet form in 25 kilo bags or cartons.

Bees chew beeswax, mixing it with salivary secretions, and when the wax is the right consistency, they use it for comb construction or to seal honey cells.

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