About Us

About Us – Why Poth Hille is your 1st choice for wax.

Understanding Poth Hille

Poth Hille is a leading UK and a major worldwide wax supplier.

Founded almost 140 years ago, we are justifiably proud of our heritage but also recognise the needs and demands of both today’s and future markets.

We hope our site offers a colourful insight as well as useful reference information relating to our vast range of wax products and the huge diversity of their applications.

Waxes have been essential not only in industry, but also in all walks of life for thousands of years. They are, however, still vital in today’s modern world and will continue to be so, long into the future.

Cosmetic waxes date back centuries whilst waxes such as our Kerb wax reflect current activities like skate boarding.

Almost every year new uses for waxes are being discovered and at Poth Hille we pride ourselves in being ideally placed to react to your needs however challenging they may be.

Poth Hille About Us
Poth Hille About Us
Poth Hille About Us