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Are you looking for a trusted online supplier of Ceresine and Ozokerite wax? Then you have come to just the right place. We are Poth Hille, and we have been the leading choice for those looking to buy Ceresine and Ozokerite wax in bulk for a number of years. With products you can trust, and outstanding customer service guaranteed, it’s easy to see why we are a firm favourite with so many.

Want to find out more? Here’s everything you need to know about these popular waxes, allowing you to go ahead and make your purchase with total confidence.

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What is Ceresine and Ozokerite wax?

First of all, what is Ceresine and Ozokerite wax? They may not be products that you are familiar with, but they actually have a very long history. Ozokerite used to be known as earth wax, and it is a naturally occurring mineral wax that was once mined all over the world – and Ceresine is derived from it. However, due to the competition posed by the commercial mining of paraffin, these waxes stopped being mined.

However, that’s not the end of the story! Here at Poth Hille, we supply customers all over the UK with Ceresine and Ozokerite blends that really resemble the natural waxes – and share the same qualities too! Customers can take their pick from a wide range of grades, allowing them to select a wax that is perfectly suited to their particular application.

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Poth Hille Ozokerite & Ceresine Waxes Topical Cream

What is it used for?

So, what is Ceresine and Ozokerite wax used for? They are actually some of the most versatile kinds of wax that we sell, and there are so many different uses. They are regularly seen in beauty creams, lotions, and pomades. They can be used as a strengthening agent in lipsticks too. They are also often used in polish, waterproofing and lubricating formulations, cheese wax and hot melt adhesives. There are so many different ways in which these waxes can be used! That’s why they are some of the most popular that we sell.

What are the benefits of Ceresine and Ozokerite wax?

Ceresine and Ozokerite wax have a number of benefits, including creating stable emulsions with most plant and vegetable waxes – which opens up even more possibilities for manufacturers. When you shop with us, you can save money by buying Ceresine and Ozokerite wax in bulk – which means big benefits for your wallet!

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Why should you buy Ceresine and Ozokerite wax from Poth Hille? Well, we have years of experience when it comes to selling high quality to customers in a wide range of sectors. No matter your project or the amount of wax that you need, our team will ensure that you purchase exactly what’s right for your application. We make a real effort to get to know all of our customers, and we are on hand to answer any questions that you have about us or our products.

With some of the best prices you will find on the web and quick, secure delivery on all orders, why waste time elsewhere? We’re here to help in whatever way we can, and your Ceresine and Ozokerite wax will be with you in no time at all!

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Grades of Ozokerite & Ceresine Wax

Ozokerite Wax

Ozokerite Wax

(TW 575)

Congealing point 56-62C, penetration value 10-17

Ozokerite Wax

(PHC 7488)

Congealing point 66-70C, penetration value 11-16

Ozokerite Wax

(PHC 7020)

Congealing point 68-70C, penetration value 10-14

Ozokerite Wax

(PHC 7726)

Congealing point 70-76C, penetration value 7-14

BHT Free Ozokerite Wax

(PHC 7015)

Congealing point 72-76C, penetration value 10-14

Ceresine Wax

Ceresine Wax

(PHC 7068)

Congealing point 59-63C, penetration value 10-19

Ceresine Wax

(PHC 6826)

Congealing point 63-68C, penetration value 9-13

Ceresine Wax

(PHC 6928)

Congealing point 53/57C, penetration value 10-15

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