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Everybody’s Gone Surfing’ UK

Everybody’s Gone Surfing’ UK England is full of contrasts and offers a whole range of surf destinations and waves to match, and what most travelling surfers fail to realise is that England receives swell on its entire coastline, thus effectively providing a 360° swell and no part of England is more than 80 miles from […]

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Poth Hille Growth in the Global Wax Industry Forecast

Growth in the Global Wax Industry

Growth in the Global Wax Industry Zion Market Research has released its latest report, “Wax Market by Product, by Application, by Region – Global Industry Perspective, Comprehensive Analysis and Forecast, 2017-2024”. According to this report, the global wax market, which in 2017 was valued at roughly 9 billion dollars, will by 2024 reach approximately 12 […]

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Poth Hille Wax for Stage Magic

Stage Magic and More…

When somebody says “wax”, what springs to mind? Candles? Beehives? Or depilatory cosmetic procedures? The single term “wax” hardly seems adequate to cover all the substances that fall under this definition and all the uses to which they can be put- from the naturally-occurring plant and animal waxes to the carefully synthesised organic compounds created […]

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Poth Hille Wax and Medicine Waxes for Pharmaceuticals

Wax and Medicine

Waxes may well be the unsung heroes of civilisation. These intriguing compounds, whether occurring in nature or synthesised, have lent themselves over the years to a huge range of uses, from sealing important documents to helping surfers pull off radical tricks and stunts. And one of the most vital things in life, medicine, has made […]

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Poth Hille Recommend a wax supplier

The Candle Industry is Growing

These are exciting times for the wax industry. According to a study by Inkwood Research, the global industrial wax market looks likely to increase by almost fifty percent by 2024, growing from 2016’s $8008 million to $11,499.82 million, with new technologies playing an important role in stabilising the market and balancing prices. More than 69 […]

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