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Welcome to our Virtual Warehouse. Here you will find; New Products, Special Offers and End of Line Discounts.


New Products

Poth Hille insights EuroSoy Candle

Rapeseed & Coconut Container Blend

New from our product development team. 3441 is our own blend made from European sourced materials. Cleaning burning, easy to use and producing a smooth surface finish. Holds 8-10% fragrance packed as 12.5 blocks.

NatureWax® C-3R – Rapeseed Container Wax

A brand new wax from Cargill, NatureWax® C-3R is a 100% Rapeseed Wax with no additives, carefully formulated to produce a premium product that burns well, has a creamy appearance and allows very little shrinkage. Nature Wax C3R has all the characteristics of C3 like excellent fragrance hold and cleaner burning and longer lasting.
Poth Hille Nature Wax C-3R
Poth Hille Massage Candle Wax

Massage Candles

A great stress reliever! We have developed a great new massage wax base formulated from Beeswax and Coconut Wax.

Soft and easy to apply, leaves you with a lovely silky skin feel.

Special Offers and End of Line Discounts

Poth Hille Virtual Warehouse EcoSoya CB-135

When it’s gone, it’s gone!

Yes, we still actually have just a few boxes left of the original material. CB-135 for those of you who have fond memories of the original and it still does make good candles.

When it’s gone, it’s gone!

Nature Wax Elite 300 Soy/Veg wax made for pillar candles.

Slightly off colour material that would still colour well and make a great and economic wax melts.

Poth Hille Nature Wax Elite 300
Poth Hille- Virtual Warehouse- Paraffin Wax

When it’s gone, it’s gone!

Choice of pure and clean paraffin waxes either slightly off colour or as pellets that have blocked in the warm summer months. 52°c and 56°c melt points will be fine as waste wax or paraffin raw material.

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