Virtual Warehouse

Virtual Warehouse

Welcome to our Virtual Warehouse. Here you will find; New Products, Special Offers and End of Line Discounts.

New Products

Poth Hille EuroSoy CB 400

EuroSoy CB 400

EuroSoy CB 400 is a new high-quality soy wax produced within the European Union. CB 400 gives a smooth and creamy appearance and thanks to its low melting point, is quick to melt, clean burning and has excellent glass adhesion leaving a smooth top after pouring.

CB 400 Will hold up to 10% or more in most fragrances, although 7-8% is usually more than enough and provides an impressive fragrance throw.

Packed in 25 kilo cartons as a block or as pellets in 25 kilo poly bags.

NatureWax® C-3S – Sunflower Container Wax

A brand new wax from Cargill, NatureWax® C-3S is a 100% Natural Wax Blend made from Sunflower and Olive Waxes without additives. This new blend has been carefully formulated to produce a premium product that burns well, has a creamy appearance and allows very little shrinkage. Nature Wax C3S has all the characteristics of C3 like excellent fragrance hold, cleaner burning and longer lasting. It also GMO free, made in the EU and has a lovely smooth finish. Available in 5Kg block form. Packaging: 25 Kg cartons.

Poth Hille Nature Wax C-3R
Poth Hille insights EuroSoy Candle

Rapeseed & Coconut Container Blend

New from our product development team. 3441 is our own blend made from European sourced materials. Cleaning burning, easy to use and producing a smooth surface finish. Holds 8-10% fragrance packed as 12.5 blocks.

Special Offers and End of Line Discounts

Poth Hille Melon Flexi Wax Chunks

Stripless Flexi Wax Chunks 1kg Bag

A development project wax offering great value for money as a flexible wax without the need for strips. Please note this product is offered only for professionally trained beauticians. Packed 1kg bags with or without label and instructions. Only £4.50 per Bag.

When it’s gone, it’s gone!

Choice of 3 different Paraffin Container Waxes offered as end of line or reduced to clear basis. Product specs and samples are available. Prices are ex works:

  • TW8498 Candle Container Wax ( 5kg slabs ) 642 kg @ £1.35 per kilo
  • PHC 8643 Paraffin Container Wax ( 5kg slabs ) 344 kg @ £1.35 per kilo
  • PHC 8545 Paraffin Container Wax ( 5kg slabs ) 195 kg @ £1.35 per kilo
Poth Hille Parafin Container Wax
Poth Hille- Virtual Warehouse- Paraffin Wax

When it’s gone, it’s gone!

Choice of pure and clean paraffin waxes either slightly off colour or as pellets that have blocked in the warm summer months. 52°c and 56°c melt points will be fine as waste wax or paraffin raw material.

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