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Poth Hille Parafin Wax

The Versatilty of Wax

Wax is one of those substances we often take for granted. It’s been used for hundreds of years and for at least as many different applications. From the archaic, such as its use as a seal for official documents, to the cutting edge of medical technology where it is used for suspending samples for microscopic […]

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Poth Hille – Ahead of the Game!

The global wax industry is facing unprecedented changes. Petroleum waxes, until recently the dominant element in the worldwide wax market, are beginning to be super-ceded by synthetic and vegetable waxes. The ability of wax manufacturers and providers to innovate and adapt to the needs and foibles of an ever-shifting marketplace is now of more importance […]

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Poth Hille Cosmetics

Waxes for Industry and Cosmetics

Whether naturally occurring or made by human hand, wax is one of the most versatile materials in the world, having been used for everything from sealing documents to providing light. At Poth Hille, we understand this only too well, having manufactured and sold an enormous range of different waxes since 1875. We have provided waxes […]

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Poth Hille Histology Wax

Histology and Embedding Waxes

The quest to eradicate disease is a noble and incredibly long-running one, and histology is one of the key weapons in medicine’s armoury, for without histology and its cousin histopathology, there can be little or no accurate diagnosis or knowledge of diseased tissue. Therefore it is vital that the histologist uses only the finest materials […]

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Poth Hille Candlemaking

Waxes for Candle Makers

The traditional art of candle making is enjoying resurgence in popularity and it’s not hard to see why. As a hobby it’s relaxing and creative, for the artist it provides a unique method of expression and of course the public love of candles as gifts means it can even be an excellent small business opportunity.

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Eve Victoria Logo

Eve Victoria Fragrance

Eve Victoria Home Fragrance We are delighted to announce that Poth Hille & Co. Ltd have acquired the name and assets of Eve Victoria Home Fragrance This is a high end luxury brand of candles, diffusers and allied products. We will be promoting alongside our wax range.

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