The Beauty Industry’s Best Kept Secret

Carnauba wax has gained popularity in the cosmetic industry as a natural alternative that can enhance the quality and performance of various beauty products. This wax, which is often referred to as the “queen of waxes,” is prized for its hardness, glossy finish, and versatility.

Here’s a closer look at the use of this wax in some of the most popular kinds of beauty products – and how we, as a leading carnauba wax supplier, can help you to choose the right product for your needs.


Carnauba wax plays a crucial role in lipstick formulations, contributing to the product’s texture, shine, and longevity. Its high melting point gives lipsticks a smooth and even application, while its natural gloss imparts a lustrous finish. Additionally, carnauba wax acts as a stabilising agent, helping the lipstick maintain its structure in various temperatures.


Carnauba wax serves multiple purposes in mascaras. Its ability to provide a smooth texture helps in achieving an even application, preventing clumping and ensuring that lashes are well-defined. The wax also contributes to the mascara’s water-resistant properties, helping it withstand moist environments without smudging.

Hair Care Items

Carnauba wax finds application in hair care products such as styling waxes, pomades, and hair sprays. Due to its firmness at room temperature and its ability to create a flexible film on the hair, carnauba wax aids in shaping and holding hairstyles. This natural wax enhances the overall manageability of hair, providing a lightweight yet effective solution for styling.

Consumer Appeal

More and more customers are making the switch to products that are either entirely made from natural ingredients or feature key natural ingredients in their formulations. Whether you are looking to replace a wax that you normally use or you are beginning your manufacturing journey with an all-natural lineup of ingredients from the get-go, this wax is a brilliant tool to have in your arsenal!

Why Choose Poth Hille?

  • Wide Range of Waxes: When you shop with us, you can take your pick from a wide range of carnauba waxes. We stock a variety of grades, all with their unique benefits. So you are sure to be able to find the right one for your application.
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We’re Here to Help

Carnauba wax’s natural and versatile properties make it a sought-after ingredient in various cosmetic formulations – and we are a firm favourite with manufacturers in the industry. Want to find out more? Talk to us today!