When it comes to manufacturing cosmetic products, ingredients of the highest quality are essential. With shoppers becoming more and more discerning, you need to show them that your product has been crafted with care. That’s where our candelilla wax comes in! Here’s why it’s vital to work with a trusted candelilla wax supplier like Poth Hille.

Consistency is Key, in Both Senses of the Word

When used to manufacture cosmetics, candelilla wax brings consistency and stability to formulations. Whether it’s lipstick, or balms and lotions, candelilla will help you to achieve the best possible texture and density. It allows for smooth application and even distribution, ensuring your product is easy to wear and looks great on the skin.

When sourcing your candelilla wax, consistency of quality should be a top priority. Opting for our wax allows you to produce products that meet your customers’ expectations every single time, with no worries about dips in quality. We’ll meet your needs without fail, and you will be able to meet theirs.

Quality Formulations

The quality of candelilla wax directly influences the overall formulation of cosmetics. Inferior grades of wax may contain impurities at worst, or at the very least simply lack the properties needed to provide the results you want. In contrast, our premium-grade candelilla wax offers superior emollient properties. This enhances the moisturising effect of skincare products and provides a protective barrier – both of which customers are looking for in their beauty products.

By sourcing the best candelilla wax available, you can really take your formulations to the next level. Whether it’s achieving a velvety matte finish or long-lasting hydration, the quality of the candelilla wax you use can help you bring the vision you have for your product to life. We’ve helped so many clients do this over the years.

Putting Skin Safety First

Shoppers are becoming more and more aware of what is in the products they use, and really value transparency from manufacturers along with ingredients that are kind to their skin. That’s why the sourcing of those ingredients has never been more important. Candelilla wax offers a natural alternative to synthetic waxes commonly found in cosmetics. Its hypoallergenic properties make it suitable for sensitive skin types too!

However, not all candelilla wax is created equal. To ensure skin safety, it’s important to source yours from a supplier with a cast-iron commitment to quality and purity. You can count on that when you work with us. We go above and beyond to ensure that our candelilla wax meets the highest safety requirements, giving you peace of mind that you can then pass on to your customers.

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