Of all the many and varied uses people have found for waxes over the years, one of the most interesting but least known is their use in histology. Histology, the study of organic microanatomy, relies on the sectioning and staining of biological samples, which are then placed into slides so they can be viewed under either a light or electron microscope. Before they can be sectioned, however, the samples need to have all the water removed from them and replaced with a substance which will solidify and allow them to be sliced into very thin sections- and this is where the wax comes in.

Although not hard enough for electron microscopy, in light microscopy paraffin wax is used as the replacement for water. Once sliced (or sectioned), the samples are ready to be mounted in slides to be viewed under the microscope.

Given that the process is so delicate and the samples so small, the choice of wax is vital so as not to waste a lot of time and money. At Poth Hille we have four decades of experience in supplying waxes for histology, and we offer a range of specialised waxes for this very purpose. We pride ourselves on our waxes’ low resistance to cutting, excellent continuity of ribboning and the total lack of tearing or cracking on flotation. Every batch of our histological waxes has been thoroughly tested and comes direct from the manufacturer, meaning costs are kept to a minimum and you can have complete peace of mind when it comes to continuity of supply.

Our histological waxes have a variety of melting points and molecular weights allowing for their use in any specific circumstance. If you are trying to develop your own brand identity we also offer white label facilities and an array of labelling and packaging options.

We have been making and supplying waxes for over 140 years, and as such we have all the expertise and experience you need to ensure that your histological waxes will be of the highest quality. Contact us now to discuss your needs and we will be able to help you find the particular wax that you require.

Poth Hille Microanatomy Waxes for Histology
Poth Hille Microanatomy Waxes for Histology