When somebody says “wax”, what springs to mind? Candles? Beehives? Or depilatory cosmetic procedures? The single term “wax” hardly seems adequate to cover all the substances that fall under this definition and all the uses to which they can be put- from the naturally-occurring plant and animal waxes to the carefully synthesised organic compounds created by industry for individual and specialised uses. Even the humble “candle wax” is no such thing, really – candles can be made from a wide array of waxes- petroleum wax, for example, or the more environmentally-friendly soy wax. At Poth Hille we are familiar with all types of wax, and the industry as a whole, which is constantly discovering and refining itself. For 175 years we have been making, sourcing and supplying wax to every type of customer, from hobbyist candlemakers to the pharmaceutical industry. Even stage magicians will find that we will have something to help them weave their illusions. We have developed many specialised blends for precisely this reason – if you want to anchor ‘invisible’ threads, or secure cards to each other invisibly, our magic wax blends come in a choice of colours and are available in a range of different consistencies dependent on your particular needs, meaning nobody need ever know how you achieve such uncanny effects. Or if skate boarding’s more your thing, we offer a specialised ‘kerb wax’ to apply to kerbs, railings or any other items of street furniture you wish to use as a platform to show off your tricks. These come in a choice of colours and packaged in a choice of shapes to make them easy to carry on your skateboarding adventures. Specially formulated with an eye to slip performance and ‘grindability’, our kerb waxes are the ideal choice for any skater. Along with our less exotic blends, for histology, candlemaking or the medical profession, our range of specialist waxes should make us your first choice for supplying any wax (and quantities) you may require, from personal use to industrial quantities for use in mass production. Contact us today to discuss your needs, and you will find out why we have been such a success story for the better part of two centuries.
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