The quest to eradicate disease is a noble and incredibly long-running one, and histology is one of the key weapons in medicine’s armoury, for without histology and its cousin histopathology, there can be little or no accurate diagnosis or knowledge of diseased tissue. Therefore it is vital that the histologist uses only the finest materials to enable perfect study of cells and tissues. Which is where we at Poth-Hille come in. Four over four decades we have been providing the highest quality embedding waxes for histologists, and are proud of our reasonable costs and commitment to continuity of supply.

Originally founded in 1875, Poth-Hille has been expanding its range and clientele and today provides top quality waxes and related services to industries ranging from chandlers and cosmeticians to medicine and sport, and offer a wide range of products to suit the needs of any type of customer.

Our most popular histological embedding wax, the Histowax 9000, is a highly filtered and refined paraffin-derived wax, offering excellent ribbon continuity, low cutting resistance and superior tissue infiltration due to its microcrystalline additives, providing great section shape without expansion. Available in various pack sizes ranging from one kilo to twenty-five kilos, we recommend the use of Histowax 9000 for all general tissue embedding and sectioning use.