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The last few months have empowered people to try things they never thought they would! This included the personal grooming arena! Many of us cut our own hair, shaped our eyebrows and gave ourselves Brazilian waxes!! To help the professionals take back control and help with any little mis-haps Lauren E has launched two revolutionary products that will help you enjoy silky smooth skin for weeks.

Coconut Multi-Directional Peelable Wax

  • Coconut oil is naturally soothing, softening & restoring
  • Multi-directional – can be removed in any direction
  • Gentle – less pain
  • Quick & easy
  • Intimate (Brazilian) waxing

Pink Cream Peelable Wax

  • Rose oil is naturally calming & protecting
  • For Sensitive skin
  • Gentle – less pain
  • Quick & easy
  • Effective on all hair types & skin types