Vegan is a word we see and hear everywhere in shops and restaurants, in people’s conversations on the street, newspapers and magazines. It is not hype or a short term trend – there is substance to its rise. The business of providing vegan meals is booming even McDonalds have started selling the McVegan Burger with many vegan options becoming cheaper and more convenient. In 2018 there wasn’t a week that went by without Veganism hitting the headlines or a launch of a new range of vegan products. So the Research team at Poth Hille have developed the following products.

Natural Vegan Beeswax 9677

A blend of natural and palm free plant waxes which is intended to be a direct replacement for natural beeswax. A very similar texture to beeswax when gelled into oils and other waxes and had a fairly high melt point which can increase thermal stability. Thickens emulsions well.

Vegan Beeswax 9026

This is similar to our Natural vegan beeswax 9677 but contains synthetics. Has the same specification as natural beeswax including melt points and is palm free.

Vegan Petroleum Jelly Substitute RD902

A gel of natural and palm free oils, waxes and resin that feels like petroleum jelly. Can be used as a direct replacement or on its own as a remedy for chapped lips and dry skin. It is full of natural oils so a good emollient Please contact us for further information call 01708 526828 or check out our website
Poth Hille - Vegan
Poth Hille - Vegan