Surfboard Wax

Surfboard Wax – sticking to the objective.

Poth Hille have developed a range of UK specification top coat board waxes which provide superb grip and board adhesion. We can also produce a surf wax of your own design, colour and fragrance. (minimum order quantity applies)

We offer units in 75g-110g bar shape and 65g-95g discs or 5Kg blocks so you can make your own unique product. All you need to do is choose your preferred block or puck shape, Select a colour and fragrance that you like, our bespoke packaging white boxes are silicone lined to prevent sticking to the box. Send us your label design and it’s done!

Cold Water Surf Wax (PHC 6969)

Formulated specifically for UK water conditions. Smooth in application, relatively long lasting and builds those humps for a great all-round grip and stability. Can be used as a single coat wax or with a basecoat, we recommend ( PHC 6970 ) as an ideal cold water basecoat. Suitable for pretty much all year round use in UK water.

Available in Coconut and also in Strawberry flavours. Boxed or unboxed.

Cool Water Surf Wax (PHC 6970)

Once again, formulated for UK conditions, a multi-purpose wax that provides an ideal basecoat for cold water conditions but also perfect as a single coat wax when the water temperature is a little warmer. Its slightly firmer characteristic means it lasts longer but still gives you grip.

Available in Coconut and also in Strawberry flavours. Boxed or unboxed available.

Cool For Humps Surf Wax (PHC 6973)

Based on the market leading brand but formulated and made here in the UK .Cool for humps is a one coat wax that gives you tack and stability and will last longer than its competitors. Our unique formula has been tried and tested in UK water conditions so you can have confidence every time you hit the surf.

Available in Coconut or unscented. Boxed or unboxed.

Poth Hille Coconut Surf Wax

Wax Disc/Puck Shape

Poth Hille Surf Wax Packaging Options

Bespoke Packaging

Poth Hille Surf Wax Colours

Many Colour Choices Available

Cool water, warm water and tropical grades are also available. Range of size, colours and fragrance options. Bulk orders can be supplied in 5 kilo slabs, individually packaged to prevent sticking.

Eco Surf Wax, all natural product; Help us to Make it Happen!

Let’s face it, there are lots of claimed eco-friendly surf waxes out there that just don’t measure up when it comes to it. But that’s not going to stop us doing the right thing for the environment.

We want you to help us develop the best possible eco wax on the market. Our business is understanding and working with natural waxes and we want to promote the use of natural and environmentally friendly products.

All we need you to do is test out the wax and give us your feedback.

We will send you samples for free, you test the wax out and tell us how it performs. Simples! Ask us about Eco surf wax trials.