Soy Wax

Natural Soy Wax – The ecological choice.

Poth Hille have been supplying the candle industry for over a hundred years and we are pleased to offer a selection of natural soy waxes which complement our traditional range.

We are delighted to be able to offer the Nature Wax™ product range, produced in the US by Cargill and formulated specifically for superior performance candles which are compatible with numerous essential oils, fragrances and dyes. The Nature Wax ™ range is includes two high quality, naturally derived container waxes and an excellent pillar wax.

These environmentally friendly waxes have been carefully selected to achieve a significantly cleaner burn than traditional oil derived waxes, burning slower and lasting up to 50% longer. They are formulated to provide superior glass adhesion, excellent fragrance-holding qualities and scent throw abilities ensures the highest quality performance for your candle.

Elite 200 container wax has been designed to incorporate up to 12% fragrance loadings, whilst having ‘pull away’ adhesion without rattle. With little or no fat bloom in the finished candle this makes it one of the best natural container waxes on the market.

Our range of Soy and natural waxes are available for container and pillar candles and are offered in flake and slab form. All our natural candle waxes are sourced from readily renewable resources and are produced from natural sources.

Poth Hille only source from major reputable manufacturers in the USA and Europe whose award winning products provide environmentally friendly waxes at competitive prices.

Natures Gifts International (NGI) range of EcoSoya® waxes have now rebranded and the new company is known as EcoSoya Brands LLC . New waxes with new branding is promised in the near future!

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Grades of Nature Wax™

Nature Wax ™ C3 Soy Container Wax (PHC 3433)

A popular choice for natural container candles, this wax has a creamy white appearance and provides excellent glass adhesion, low shrinkage and great burning qualities. Available in flake form, liquid or powder dyes can be added and fragrance levels of up to 6% can be achieved.

Flakes packed in 22.68 kilo cartons.

Nature Wax C3 PHC3433 – Data Sheet

Nature Wax C3 – Handling Sheet

Nature Wax™ Elite 200 Container Wax (PHC 3436)

A premium product, Elite 200 Container wax provides a superior candle finish with enhanced fragrance loadings (Up to 12%) It’s excellent ‘pull away’ properties makes this wax ‘best in class’.

Candle top can be re melted to give a glass like finish!

Available in slabbed form this is packed into 27.22 kilo cartons.

Nature Wax Elite 200 PHC3436 – Data Sheet

NatureWax Elite 200 – Handling Sheet

Nature Wax ™ Elite 300 Pillar Wax (PHC 3411)

This ethically sourced wax is light in colour and has excellent scent throw qualities. Additives, dyes and fragrances can be added to enhance its presentation. This grade gives a lovely smooth sided finish to your candle .Fragrance load 5%.

Available in powder form, in 25 kilo bags.

Nature Wax Elite 300 PHC3411 – Data Sheet

Nature Wax Elite 300 – Handling Sheet