Refined Sumac Wax

Refined Sumac Wax– (PHC 3330)

Refined Sumac Wax is a natural, vegetable wax, pale in colour, extracted from the berry kernels of several varieties of the Rhus Verniciflua tree.

Sumac helps create soft, butter-like consistency without any crystallization issues, provides silky textures in creams and adds emolliency to formulations. It is also a relatively hard, brittle wax that is often considered in stick pencil, eyebrow pencil and lipstick applications in order to improve the snap resistance.

Sumac Wax is increasingly being used as a more economic replacement for Japan wax in decorative cosmetic formulas.

A hard, pale, creamy wax in appearance with a low melting point. Sumac Wax is 100% natural, vegan and kosher compliant.

Sumac Wax is also known as Berry Wax or Vegetable Wax from the Haze Tree.

Available in pellet form in 25 kilo paper bags.

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Poth Hille Refined Sumac Wax
Poth Hille Refined Sumac Wax Sumac Berries
Poth Hille Refined Sumac Wax Lipstick