More Products

More Products – Even more choice!

A small selection of additional popular products which may be of interest.

Soil Sealing Wax – A special blend to seal soil samples after excavation.

Gum rosin – A natural product used extensively in depilatories and adhesives.

Japan Wax – A hard, brittle, yellow wax used in creams, lotions and lipsticks.

Sumac Wax – A cost effective wax similar in characteristic and application to Japan wax.

Coconut Wax – A natural wax, ideal for massage candles.

Timber Sealing Wax – A flexible wax to prevent the ends of cut wood from splitting when drying.

Petroleum Jelly – Having great water resistant protective qualities, makes this perfect for lip balms.

Natural Emulsifying Wax – Beeswax based for use in oil in water formulations.

Medicinal White Oil – Used extensively in cosmetic and pharmaceutical applications.

Tallow – Used in packaging and soap making.

Castor Wax – A hard crystalline wax hydrogenated from castor oil.

Micro Beads – Blended natural waxes, micronised to 500 microns and used as natural scrubs in cosmetics.

Massage Candle Blends – Readymade natural massage candle wax from a Beeswax/Coconut base just add fragrance.

Bone Wax – A special blended wax used in orthopedic surgery to stop bleeding from cut bone surfaces.