Montan Wax

Montan Wax – Your partner in industry.

Montan is extracted from coal (lignite) and the worlds largest producer is Romonta GMBH located in Amsdorf, Germany. Romonta produce around 92% of the worlds Montan consumption. Poth Hille are pleased to be the exclusive agent in the UK, Northern Ireland and Eire.

In its crude form Montan is a hard, dark, brittle wax and is used in more traditional areas of application including shoe care, emulsion in construction materials, asphalt and waterproofing, carbon paper and thermal transfer ribbons.

Montan wax can also be bleached and modified to produce a range of acid and ester waxes greatly increasing the application possibilities.

At Poth Hille we hold a large stock of these waxes for use in cosmetics, leather care, plastic mould release, car care products, release agents and water repelling emulsions. We will be pleased to advise on which grade is most suitable for your requirements and we can also offer a series of Montan wax substitutes to meet individual customer needs.

Poth Hille Montan

Poth Hille Montan

Grades of Montan Wax

Crude Montan Wax (PHC 0030)

A hard wax, dark brown in appearance usually available in prill (very small droplets) form. Crude Montan can be emulsified and saponified producing water and solvent based wax emulsions. Used in dark shoecare products, as an additive in brake shoe production and in carbon paper and thermal transfer ribbon manufacture.

Supplied generally in prill format and packed in bags of 25 Kilos.

Crude Montan Wax 0030 – Data Sheet

Bleached Montan Wax ‘S’ (PHC 0051)

A very pale wax which is hard and has excellent glossing characteristics. It is characterised by its high acid number and crystalline structure which produce stable emulsions for dry bright polishes or co-emulsions of wax in both water and solvents. Mixes well with other waxes to increase melting point, gloss and hardness.

Packed in bags of 25 Kilos.

Bleached Montan wax S 0051 – Data Sheet

Bleached Montan Wax ‘E’ (PHC 0059)

A pale yellow, flaked ester wax of crystalline structure. Easy to saponify and emulsify and mixes well with other waxes in combination either in water based or solvent based polishes.

Packed in bags of 25 Kilos.

Bleached Montan Wax E 0059 – Data Sheet

Bleached Montan Wax ‘OP’ (PHC 0050)

A partially saponified ester wax of pale yellow appearance. OP has very high solvent retention producing high quality paste polishes for automobiles, shoes and furniture. It is also an effective lubricant in P.V.C production and will mix well with waxes, resins and polymers.

Packed in bags of 25 Kilos.

Bleached Montan Wax OP PHC0050 – Data Sheet

Bleached Montan Wax ‘ELE’ (PHC 0054)

This pale yellow flaked wax is a montanic ester with an incorporated emulsifier ideally suited for the production of dry bright emulsions to produce polishes, floor care products and release agents. Particularly good in producing high quality leather care products.

Packed in bags of 25 Kilos.

Bleached Montan Wax ELE 0054 – Data Sheet