Ceresine / Ozokerite Wax

Ceresine/Ozokerite Wax – Blended to perfection.

Poth Hille have produced a wide range of Ceresine and Ozokerite blends as a replacement for the historically mined waxes that are no longer commercially available.

The traditional Ozokerite wax, known as Earthwax, had a high melt point and was a complex mixture of straight chain and branched hydrocarbons. Ceresine wax, a bi-product from purifying Ozokerite wax, had a similar composition but typically had a lower melt point.

Poth Hille’s blends reflect the composition of the historic waxes whilst offering a varied range of melting points, hardness and viscosities. They have been developed to create stable emulsions with most vegetable and mineral waxes. Their white colour and excellent gelling properties makes them a key ingredient in many creams and lotions.

Due to their particular characteristics, they can be used in many cosmetics products including creams, ointments, pomades and lotions. Polish, waterproofing and lubricating formulations also benefit from their exceptional oil retention and compatibility qualities. Their FDA status means they are also used extensively in the pharmaceutical industry.

Poth Hille source the highest quality raw materials from approved European suppliers to produce these premium grades. They are available in 25 kilo bags or cartons.

Grades of Ceresine/Ozokerite Wax

TW 575 – Congealing point 56-62C, penetration value 10-17
PHC 7488 – Congealing point 66-70C, penetration value 11-16
PHC 7020 – Congealing point 68-70C, penetration value 10-14
PHC 7726 – Congealing point 70-76C, penetration value 7-14
PHC 7015 – Congealing point 72-76C, penetration value 10-14
Ceresine wax
PHC 7068 – Congealing point 59-63C, penetration value 10-19

Poth Hille Ceresine Ozokerite Wax

Poth Hille Ceresine Ozokerite Wax

Poth Hille Ceresine Ozokerite Wax