Carnauba Wax

Carnauba Wax – Extreme versatility!

The UK’s largest importer of Carnauba wax, Poth Hille has been sourcing Carnauba waxes for over 50 years.

A luxury hard natural wax Carnauba has a high melting point, is insoluble in water and has hypoallergenic properties. Carnauba provides a high gloss finish in formulations, makes products waterproof and wear-resistant. Due to its unique characteristics it can be used as a key component in many varied applications which include, cosmetics, car polishes, hard wood floor polishes, release agents and tablet coatings for food and pharmaceutical products.

Poth Hille source only the highest quality wax from the Carnauba palm trees of Brazil, we supply Carnauba in flake, lump or powder form which can be combined with most animal, vegetable and mineral waxes, in addition to many synthetic and natural resins to create a vast range of finished goods.

The harvest is between August to December and weather conditions determine the yield of the crop and the prices during that year. Our experience in this market ensures we buy direct from source, ensuring competitive prices for our customers whilst maintaining continuity of supply.

Poth Hille Carnauba Wax

Poth Hille Carnauba Wax

Grades of Carnauba Wax

Prime Yellow Type 1 (PHC 2486)

Predominantly used in cosmetics, its hard characteristics make Carnauba Type 1 ideal for raising melting points and hardness in formulations. Its moisturising and hypoallergenic properties, capability to produce a glossy finish and capacity to bind to liquid and oil, make Carnauba wax the perfect ingredient for cosmetics such as lipstick and mascaras, providing excellent surface gloss, hardness and mould release. Carnauba is also the wax of choice for quality automotive polishes and polishing confectionary and pharmaceutical tablets. Poth Hille can also offer a range of blends containing Carnauba wax as well as Carnauba substitute and emulsions.

Prime Yellow Carnauba Wax Type 1 PHC2486 – Data Sheet

Extra Light Fatty Grey Type 3​ (PHC 2485)

Better suited for technical applications; due to Carnauba Type 3’s excellent surface shine it is perfect for floor and furniture polishes. Its waterproofing properties also make it a favourite for leather treatment, to help maintain rigidity and resilience. Both Type 1 and Type 3 can be Kosher and Halal certified as well as F.D.A approved making them ideal for use in the baking industry as a mould release agent.

Carnauba Wax Type 3 PHC2485 – Data Sheet

Fatty Grey Type 4 (PHC2483)

Popular for its dark colour in the polish and printing industry, Carnauba Type 4 is a firm favourite for the manufacture of dark leather and shoe polishes, as well as printing inks. Carnauba Type 4’s hard nature makes it ideal for use in Thermal Transfer ribbons and also as a component in brake pads.

Carnauba Wax Type 4 PHC2483 – Data Sheet

Prime Yellow Micronised Carnauba Powder (PHC 2492)

An extra fine powder with an average particle size of 20-40 microns, it is used mainly in the confectionary and pharmaceutical industries as a coating for tablets and sweets. This product meets the requirements of the European (PH EUR), German (DAB), United States (USP) and US National Formulary (NF) bodies.

Prime Yellow Micronised Carnauba Wax PHC2492 – Data Sheet

Prime Yellow Carnauba Powder (PHC 2487)

A spray dried, all purpose powder, providing shine, gloss and hardness in the production of tablets and hard candies.

This material meets all the requirements of the European (PH EUR), German (DAB) and United States (USP) Pharmacopoeias.

Prime Yellow Carnauba Wax Powder PHC2487 – Data Sheet