Beeswax – a gift from nature.

As the UK’s wax leader for over 100 years, Poth Hille are able to offer an unrivalled selection of beeswaxes.

These versatile natural waxes are a complex mixture of free fatty acids, long chain alcohols and free wax acids. They are insoluble in water but have excellent emulsifiable properties.

Beeswaxes have exceptional thickening and emollient qualities which provide body and structure to cosmetic creams and lotions. These characteristics along with their ability to add plasticity to formulations make them a key ingredient in lipsticks and lip balm products. The shelf life of blends can be extended due to their superior binding strength and oil retention properties.

Beeswaxes can be categorised into two sectors. Firstly the high purity grades that are used in the cosmetic, pharmaceutical and food industries. They are British Pharmacopoeia (BP) approved and are used in creams, lotions, pomades, ointments, soaps and hair care products. They have an EU food classification, E901 and are also used to coat foods to provide surface protection, prevent water loss and protect against ageing. The industrial grades are used in polishes, fabric waterproofing, candles, modelling waxes and even coating for surfboard waxes.

Beeswax is secreted by worker bees for use in the construction of honeycomb. The Apis Mellifera bee is the most common and is native to Europe, Africa and latterly China. The raw beeswax is washed and filtered for use in candle making. Further filtering and decolourisation is required for most other commercial applications and the beeswax is graded as BP or non BP into three main colours, white, light yellow and natural yellow. Poth Hille’s experience in this market sector have also enabled us to source a European organic beeswax which complies with British Pharmacopoeia and is also certified by the UK Soil Association. The waxes are available in 25 kilo bags or cartons in slab and pellet form depending on the grade.

In addition to our European grade of Organic Beeswax we are now able to offer Chinese origin certified organic beeswax and both White and Yellow pellets.

Sourced exclusively from the mountainous regions of Shan Xi and Gansu Provinces and developed in partnership with our nominated beeswax refiner, working closely with local beekeepers and the Chinese office of Kiwa BCS ÖKO-GARANTIE.

The entire Organic Beeswax production and collection process is annually reviewed. This process encompasses the inspection of hives, pollen collection areas covered by the bees, storage and packing facilities, separation of material, transportation and documentation, in addition to the refining and production process . Organic Certification of each stage up to shipment is approved by Kiwa BCS. To complete the process, Poth Hille & Co Ltd are further certified by The Soil Association and COSMOS for the distribution and supply of Organic Beeswax ( PHC 2000 ) and ( PHC 5000 )

Poth Hille Beeswax

Poth Hille Beeswax White Beeswax Pellets

Poth Hille Beeswax

Grades of Beeswax

BP Beeswaxes

These natural waxes, comply with the BP specification and provide strength, stability and structure in formulations for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industry.

There are three colour grades available:

Organic BP Beeswaxes

These exhibit the same characteristics as the grades above and are also certified as organic by the UK Soil association.

There are two colour grades available:

Technical Beeswaxes

Non BP waxes have similar traits to the BP grades and are suitable for use technical applications such as waterproofing and polishes.

There are three grades available:

Alternative Beeswaxes

Due to continuing increasing pricing pressures on the beeswax market, Poth Hille have developed cost effective alternatives matching the characteristics, performance criteria and appearance of beeswax. These products are suitable for cosmetic and pharmaceutical applications.

  • Synthetic Beeswax (PHC 8622) – A selected blend of waxes, not containing beeswax, formulated to produce beeswax like characteristics and appearance.
  • Synthetic Beeswax (PHC 8602) – This Synthetic Beeswax is a close match to the physical and chemical properties of the natural product.
  • Natural Vegan Beeswax (PHC 9677) – A completely naturally derived blend of waxes designed to match the physical and chemical behaviour of beeswax. Contains no animal products