Own Label Surf Wax, Ski Wax and Curb Wax

Own Label Surf Wax, Ski Wax and Curb Wax

Curb (Kerb) Wax

We have a range of skate wax options designed for use on kerbs, rails and ledges designed to be long lasting while giving the skateboarder great slip performance and grindability.
Available in a choice of colours and optional fragrances in two mold shapes that will fit neatly in your pocket.

Both sizes have can be supplied in plain white boxes with your own design printed colour label added.

We can also make to your own design and formula. (minimum order size applies).

Poth Hille Curb Wax Own Label

Ski Wax

All our Ski Waxes are non-Fluoro
We can offer special universal dry slope wax and also rub on ski and snowboard waxes.

Ask us about our new Eco ski wax made entirely from natural waxes.

Iron on ski wax for all temperatures plus a super-fast competition wax.

Available in a choice of shapes and colours. We are able to offer counter grades to most of the non-fluoro brands currently on the market.

Bespoke packaging is also available.

Poth Hille Ski Wax Own Label

Surf Wax

Make your brand stand out with our tried and tested cold water and cool water formulas.

Long lasting with great grip and easy to apply we have a great choice of colours and fragrances that make your product stand out from the crowd.

Warm water and tropical water grades are also available.

Click here to find out more about our range of surf waxes and packaging options.

Poth Hille Surf Wax Own Label