Europe’s Leading Sustainable Trade Event

Here at Poth Hille, we love to attend trade shows. This is so we can take a look at the latest developments in our field, see what customers are looking for, and identify key trends. So we are delighted to announce that we will be in attendance at Natural & Organic Products Europe this year.

About the event

First things first, what is Natural & Organic Products Europe? Well, it is Europe’s leading sustainable business event, and attendees will be able to discover thousands of new products and talk to hundreds of suppliers. They will also be able to network within their industries and check out trend forecasts for the coming months. Shows like this provide a great chance to not only reconnect with valuable partners and suppliers but meet other attendees who share your ethos. Understandably, demand for this year’s event has been very high!

Where is it being held?

Where is the Natural & Organic Products Europe event being held? This year, the event will be based at London’s ExCel centre. Set in the heart of East London’s Docklands, it’s a popular venue for large events thanks to its great location. There is parking available on site, and for those who are keen to boost their green credentials and use public transport, the centre is served by several train lines. You can even make your way there by boat if you want to enjoy the scenic route!

The demand for natural products

Events like Natural & Organic Products Europe have been born out of the growing public interest in natural and organic products. More and more people are feeling empowered enough to do their own research, and are discovering how many benefits natural products can have. They’ll also have much less of an impact on the planet – which is something that many people are now prioritising when they shop. With less waste and toxins produced at every stage, it’s clear to see why natural has never been more popular.

Why are we attending?

Natural and organic waxes are essential components of many cosmetics and personal care products and can help those who use them look their best and feel even better on the inside. We are a leading supplier of natural waxes and work with many customers in the cosmetic and beauty care sectors. Attending this year’s event will allow us to strengthen those existing relationships, and also form new ones. The demand for natural waxes such as beeswax is only set to increase, and we’d love to meet companies who share our passion for beauty products that are kind to not only those who use them but the planet too.

Here’s to a great event!

This year’s show is set to be a huge success, with attendees and exhibitors alike set to gain so much from the two days. We’re looking forward to seeing what the latest developments in the world of natural wax are, and will certainly use anything we learn to innovate within our own operations. Last but not least – if you are going to be in attendance this year, please come and say hello!