For thousands of years, man has made use of waxes, one of the most varied resources in the world in terms of origin, composition and usage. From simple beeswax to more complicated manufactured waxes, their properties are matched in variety only by their purposes.

As time has gone on, more waxes have been created and discovered, and as civilisation has advanced more uses for waxes have been found. At Poth Hille we have been making and providing a wide array of different waxes for nearly a century and a half, and we pride ourselves on keeping abreast of the changing face of the wax industry.

Take our microcrystalline waxes, for example. Produced as part of the petroleum refining process by de-oiling petrolatum. They are used in industries as varied as food production (they are a regulated food additive, E905), polishing and circuit board insulation. Their elasticity and adhesive qualities make them flexible, so they lend themselves well to a variety of manufacturing processes, and their ability to blend well with solvents makes them invaluable for use in technical applications, providing increased scuff resistance and tensile strength.

The tire and rubber industries are particularly reliant on microcrystalline waxes, where they are often combined with paraffin waxes. Their melting point – higher than many other waxes – also makes them the perfect substance from which to cast moulds for the polishing and protection of jewelry and small components. In sports, they are used to reduce friction on snowboards and to protect the friction tape on ice hockey pucks. The British Museum even developed its own brand of microcrystalline wax to protect and polish its antique exhibits, recognising its versatile properties.

At Poth Hille we sell microcrystalline waxes with melting points ranging from 62 to 88 degrees Centigrade, meaning we can provide a wax for any application. Our full range of microcrystalline waxes is available in 25kg bags in pellet, slab or pill form, depending on your requirements.

Whatever your need for microcrystalline wax, whether you’re a candlemaker, a jeweler or a producer of cosmetics or other personal care products, we at Poth Hille will be more than happy to fulfill them for you. Our fast, efficient and knowledgeable service derived from our 140 years in the business guarantees you full customer satisfaction. Contact us either over the phone or online and we can discuss your requirements.