These are exciting times for the wax industry. According to a study by Inkwood Research, the global industrial wax market looks likely to increase by almost fifty percent by 2024, growing from 2016’s $8008 million to $11,499.82 million, with new technologies playing an important role in stabilising the market and balancing prices. More than 69 percent of the global wax market is in fossil-based waxes, as used in candle-making, packaging and polishes and coatings. Particularly in the Asia-Pacific regions, reduced supply of paraffin waxes has led to increased demand for synthetic and bio-based waxes. A primary driver for this increase in the market is the candle-making industry, with the internet and social media having helped to fuel a healthy trade in decorative or scented candles. Candle manufacturing is a multibillion dollar industry, but one which still has room for smaller operations. All over the internet scented candle producers and manufacturers are springing up, as these candles are experiencing a huge surge in popularity either for personal use or as gifts. At Poth Hille we have been suppliers of wax for candle-makers and other applications since 1875, meaning we are well-placed to keep track of any changes and innovations in the industry. We offer a comprehensive range of candle waxes including traditional paraffin waxes and eco-friendly natural waxes, enhanced with natural additives to increase their efficiency and burning qualities. Increasingly people are turning to the more environmentally friendly waxes, and it is to this end that we are pleased to offer a selection of natural soy waxes, including the Nature Wax range, produced in the US by Cargill, and AAK’s Golden Wax 464 premium natural candle wax, as well as Elite 200 container wax, which is one of the best natural container waxes on the market, having little or no fat bloom in the finished candle. Whether you are a small family operation or a larger concern, Poth Hille can fulfill all your candle wax requirements, with all our soy and natural waxes available for both pillar and container candles, and in flake or slab form. The candle industry is growing, and we would like to help you be a part of it. Contact us now for all your candle-making needs.