Everybody’s Gone Surfing’ UK

Everybody’s Gone Surfing’ UK

England is full of contrasts and offers a whole range of surf destinations and waves to match, and what most travelling surfers fail to realise is that England receives swell on its entire coastline, thus effectively providing a 360° swell and no part of England is more than 80 miles from the coast. Good old Blighty!

Cornwall is generally the area that most people associate with English surfing, and Fistral Beach being the most widely known beach. Cornwall receives plenty of swell, and offers quality conditions for both the beginner and the professional. When it comes to Surf Wax for your surfboard. Our range covers traditional, performance and also eco waxes at all water temperatures.

The surfing season in the United Kingdom runs from autumn to spring and provides consistent surf of 4ft up to 12ft at times. Britain’s long continental shelf drains some power from the swell but it still packs a punch to be reckoned with. Huge tides means that the sea can rise and fall up to 15ft at times making local spots always changeable, always challenging and always exciting. UK Summer time tends to offer much smaller swells averaging between 1ft and 4ft. Depending on the season, Poth Hille offer both cool water and cold water surf wax options plus the up and coming Eco surf wax as well as tropical grades for those overseas trips.


There are 40 Surf Schools accredited by Surfing England.

The UK’s first ever dog surfing championships took place recently in Poole, Dorset , the dogs were on stand up paddle boards .First prize in this inaugural event went to a dog by the name of “Bear”.

For customized private label surf wax, Poth Hille can offer a tried and trusted choice of Surf Wax types with low minimum order quantities. If you need own branded surf wax, be it for your local event or surf shop, to full service brand development, design and ongoing production capabilities for distribution.  With several mold, colour and scent options… anything is possible. Contact us for details.

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