Poth Hille have 50 years of experience when it comes to formulating and manufacturing high-quality tissue embedding waxes. With our unparalleled expertise and dedication to quality, we have firmly established ourselves as the market leader in manufacturing and supplying exceptional histology wax products.

Our Wax

Histology, the study of the microscopic structure of tissues and cells, plays a pivotal role in medical research, pathology, and diagnostics. Selecting the right paraffin wax is a critical element in the histology process. Poth Hille’s histology waxes are renowned for their purity, narrow carbon distribution, and crystalline structure. This has made us the preferred histology wax supplier of many professionals in the field.

Our commitment to excellence doesn’t stop at wax formulation. Our products undergo a rigorous triple-filtering process to ensure the highest level of quality and purity. Only after passing this stringent quality control phase are the waxes blended into our special histology formulations.

What sets Poth Hille apart from the competition is our dedication to providing comprehensive solutions to our clients. We offer a complete OEM (own label) service, allowing customers to have their own branding on products, along with a range of packaging options to meet specific needs.

Showcasing Excellence This September

In line with our commitment to the industry, Poth Hille recently showcased our cutting-edge histology wax products at three prominent conventions this September:

  • NSH Baltimore: 4 days of cutting-edge research. Expert lead workshops made this a real pleasure to attend. NSH is the largest histology-focused expo featuring top industry vendors previewing equipment, supplies, and services for a wide range of attendees.
  • ECP Dublin: The 35th European Congress of Pathology carried the motto ‘Pathology – a bridge between Science and Medicine’ for this year’s event. The congress reflected the extremely dynamic development in the field of pathology and updated attendees on these advancements through a varied and exciting programme.
  • IBMS Birmingham: The Institute of Biomedical Science Congress 2023 is an important forum for progressing professional skills and knowledge, supporting career development and promoting the profession. We were able to connect with attendees and vendors from across the UK and beyond.

These events provided an excellent opportunity for us to connect with professionals, share knowledge, and demonstrate our commitment to advancing histology research and diagnostics.

Why Choose Us?

Poth Hille has been at the forefront of wax manufacturing and supply since we were founded in 1875. We continue to push the boundaries of innovation to this day and remain committed to advancing the field of histology.

For further information about our extensive range of histology wax products and OEM services, please contact info@poth-hille.co.uk. Whether you were in attendance at one of the September events we exhibited at, or you’re hearing about our services for the very first time, we would be delighted to hear from you.