Join Us in Coventry This July

We are very excited to announce our participation in Waxstock, the largest specialist car care event in Europe, which is to be held at the Coventry Arena on July 22-23, 2023. This highly anticipated event brings together car enthusiasts, professionals, and industry leaders worldwide to celebrate the art of car detailing and valeting. We’re thrilled to be in attendance at such a prestigious event.

With a long-standing reputation as a go-to supplier of wax for detailing companies, we’re eager to showcase our exceptional range of products at Waxstock. The event provides an ideal platform for car owners and professionals to explore and discover the latest advancements in car care technology.

A Growing Market

Any vehicle owner knows that car detailing and valeting are more than just cleaning processes; they are necessities that enhance the appearance of a car and improve its longevity. Here at Poth Hille, we understand the importance of using the right car care products to protect and maintain the exterior and interior of your vehicle. From minor repairs to achieving a flawless finish, our products have built up a loyal following.

The UK has established itself as a formidable competitor in the rapidly growing car care market. Vehicle owners in the country are seeking increasingly innovative ways to enhance and maintain their cars as easily as possible.

Waxstock 2023

At Waxstock 2023, we will be proudly showing off our range of waxes, including Carnauba Wax, Microcrystalline Wax, and Montan Wax. These products help to protect, nourish, and enhance the appearance of vehicles. With their easy application and long-lasting effects, it’s easy to see why they have become staples in the car care routines of countless UK vehicle owners.

As Waxstock gathers car care enthusiasts and professionals from around the globe, we look forward to engaging with exhibitors and exchanging ideas, along with demonstrating our products’ outstanding quality and effectiveness.

If you still haven’t made up your mind about attending, remember that parking is free! We can’t wait to meet you and discuss your car care requirements.

About Poth Hille

We are a trusted supplier of high-quality car care wax ingredients. With a rich heritage dating back to 1875 and a commitment to excellence, Poth Hille has become the go-to choice for car care manufacturers looking to enhance and maintain the performance of their products with our extensive product range, competitive prices and fantastic customer service, it is clear to see why we come so highly recommended. To find out more, please browse our range or get in touch with a member of our team today.