The global wax industry is facing unprecedented changes. Petroleum waxes, until recently the dominant element in the worldwide wax market, are beginning to be super-ceded by synthetic and vegetable waxes. The ability of wax manufacturers and providers to innovate and adapt to the needs and foibles of an ever-shifting marketplace is now of more importance than ever before.

Although we at Poth Hille pride ourselves on our heritage of fourteen decades of wax production and supply, we also recognise the need to always keep up with the changing times, and to both understand the modern state of play in the wax sector and to anticipate the shape of markets to come. Although waxes of various kinds have been deployed by mankind in service of a huge variety of ends for thousands of years, there are always new uses and requirements for wax just waiting to be discovered. And we have always striven to remain at the forefront of this exciting industry, ready to take on whatever challenges changing needs and preferences may bring.

With the 21st Century in full swing, we have, over the years, broadened our range to cover new innovations in areas as diverse as cosmetics, pharmacology and extreme sports. From surf wax to histology wax for microscopic slides, we have worked hard to ensure we are always best placed to fulfil any and all requirements in the field of wax.

Concern for the environment has, of course, become an increasingly important consideration in pretty much every sphere of life and business, and as well as the green alternative of rapeseed wax for candle making we also offer the Nature soy waxes from Cargill and the Golden Brand soy waxes from AAK.

Whatever your needs and requirements may be, either now or in the future, we at Poth Hille guarantee customer satisfaction by dedicating ourselves to quality and value supported by fast, knowledgeable and efficient service. Meaning that no matter what new technologies or needs for wax may come along, we are confident we will still be your ideal choice. Whether you are a candle maker, or are in the cosmetics, pharmaceutical or any of a host of other industries, contact us now, and rest assured we are ahead of the game.