Poth Hille’s 40 Years of Excellence in Depilatory Wax Supply

For over four decades, Poth Hille has been a trusted name in the world of depilatory wax supply, catering to both small independent businesses and industry giants alike. With a commitment to quality and a deep understanding of the beauty industry’s evolving needs, we have continuously strived to provide the best waxing solutions. Building on this legacy, we are thrilled to introduce our own brand, Lauren E, which is now available directly to you through its dedicated website.

A Legacy of Trust and Quality

Poth Hille’s journey in the depilatory wax industry began over 40 years ago. Our unwavering commitment to quality and customer satisfaction has earned us the trust of countless beauty professionals across the globe.

One of the hallmarks of our success as a depilatory wax supplier is our ability to cater to a wide range of clients. Whether you are a small independent salon or a huge name, we can meet your needs. We understand that the beauty industry is diverse, and its needs are constantly evolving. Our flexible approach ensures that all our clients receive tailored solutions that match their specific needs, budget constraints, and long and short-term business goals.

Introducing Lauren E

Lauren E is a brand that we proudly introduced several years ago, and it has since become synonymous with quality and reliability in the world of depilatory wax. Now, we are taking a bold step forward by bringing Lauren E directly to you. We have launched its dedicated website, designed with your convenience in mind, to streamline the ordering process. This means faster access to the waxing products you love, whenever you need them.

You’ll be able to choose from the following waxes when you shop with us:

  • Lauren E Warm Wax
  • Lauren E Lavender Cream Wax
  • Lauren E Luxury Cream Wax
  • Lauren E Pink Cream Wax
  • Lauren E Tea Tree Cream Wax
  • Lauren E Cherry Red Shimmer Wax
  • Lauren E Vegan Green Tea Peelable Wax
  • Lauren E Honey Peelable Wax
  • Lauren E Vegan Rose Talc Peelable Wax
  • Lauren E Pink Cream Peelable Wax
  • Lauren E Coconut Multi-Directional Peelable Wax
  • Lauren E Cherry Red Shimmer Peelable Wax

All of these will be available at the same competitive prices you can always expect from Poth Hille! If you aren’t sure which one is right for you, our team will be on hand to point you in the direction of the wax that is most suited to your needs.

Find Out More Today

As we celebrate over 40 years of excellence in the depilatory wax supply industry, we’re so excited to take a significant step forward with the launch of our dedicated Lauren E website. This new platform is a testament to our commitment to making your ordering experience as seamless as possible. So why not explore the brand that embodies our dedication to quality and innovation? Whether you’re a small independent salon or a market leader in the beauty industry, you can trust Poth Hille to provide you with the finest depilatory wax solutions.