See You at Sandown Park!

The National Honey Show is about to return from the 26th to the 28th of October 2023 – and we simply couldn’t be more delighted to attend. We’ll be in attendance showcasing our range of beeswax, and those with tickets have so much to look forward to. Here’s what you can expect if you visit.

About the National Honey Show

Held at the end of October, this event attracts beekeepers from all corners of the globe, uniting them in their shared passion for honey. The 2023 show will find its home at the Sandown Park Racecourse in Surrey, providing the perfect backdrop for a weekend filled with sweetness.

This event is more than just a trade show; it’s a rich tapestry of tradition and innovation. It’s a place where seasoned beekeepers and newcomers can come together to celebrate and learn about the fascinating world of bees and honey. From international classes to lecture conventions and workshops, The National Honey Show offers a range of activities for all levels of interest and expertise.

What Can Attendees Look Forward To?

One of the most exciting parts of the National Honey Show is the Competitive Classes, where beekeepers from all over the world compete for prestigious trophies and prize cards. These classes offer a unique opportunity for beekeepers to showcase their skills, knowledge, and most importantly, the results of their hard work in the beehive. No other trade show offers this kind of experience for those who make and are interested in honey, so it’s sure to be a great event!

Our Beeswax Showcase

We’re delighted to announce that we will be at the very heart of the hustle and bustle at this year’s National Honey Show. We have long stood out as a trusted beeswax supplier, and being able to showcase our products at an event like this is a testament to the high standing we have earned in our field. Our beeswax is filtered to ensure there is not any propolis or plant debris, giving customers a really high-quality product.

We have a long history when it comes to supplying a wide range of manufacturers with the high-quality beeswax that they need to make their products. Beeswax has been reported to have antimicrobial benefits and has outstanding thickening and emollient properties and can be used in many ways. From beeswax candles to food wraps that provide a sustainable alternative to plastic, our wax has played a vital role. Our booth at The National Honey Show will be a place where you can find out everything you’ve ever wanted to know about our beeswax, from where it is sourced to the competitive pricing that we offer.

Connect with Us

The National Honey Show is a must-visit event for anyone interested in the world of bees and honey, and we can’t wait to see you there! In the meantime, be sure to check out our range of beeswax right here on our site. Whether you have shopped with us before or you’re hearing of us for the very first time, you’ll love what we have to offer.