Wax and Medicine

Wax and Medicine

Waxes may well be the unsung heroes of civilisation. These intriguing compounds, whether occurring in nature or synthesised, have lent themselves over the years to a huge range of uses, from sealing important documents to helping surfers pull off radical tricks and stunts. And one of the most vital things in life, medicine, has made good use of them in all sorts of interesting ways. Wax anatomical models used to be used to train medical students to understand the human body, for example.

These days waxes continue to be a vital tool in the study and practice of medicine. The pharmaceutical industry relies heavily on various waxes, whether they are for pill coatings and softgel capsules or as a key component in ointments and suppositories. At Poth Hille we have been supplying various waxes to pharmaceutical companies for many years, and pride ourselves on the huge range of waxes we offer. Waxes can be selected for several differing characteristics, from emolliency and gelling strength to rigidity and oil retention.

Poth Hille are market leaders in the world of wax production and supply, with over 140 years of experience in the industry. As well as pharmaceutical and medical waxes, we also supply waxes for pretty much anything you could think of. Petroleum-based waxes, natural waxes, waxes for use in extreme sports – whatever your requirements, we are more than happy to fulfil them. Ask us about our range of UK water temperature surf waxes, Plenty of stick and mountainous humps ! Currently under development are a new line in 100% natural surf and ski waxes.

As technology advances and society changes, new uses for wax are being discovered every year. Our decades of experience in the area put us in an ideal position to stay on top of current developments, and we source our waxes from a variety of areas in order to keep up with the market and provide you the best value for money, whatever your needs.
Whether you are a hobbyist candle maker or running a large pharma operation, we can provide you with the best waxes to suit your individual needs, and in the quantities you require. The wax market can be unpredictable, so you can rely on us to track its progress and vicissitudes in order to continue providing the top quality products and excellent customer service we have become known for in our long and distinguished history.

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