Specialised Waxes

Specialised Waxes – Hitting the target every time.

Blending high quality waxes has been our business for over 100 years. We have literally hundreds of formulations which have been tried and tested over the years for many diverse applications such as zip ease for wet suits, moustache wax and even didgeridoo mouthpiece wax.

Many of our wax blends can be custom made to your own specification and produced in colours, shapes and fragrances if required ( subject to minimum orders ) Please visit our Services web page for further details.

So whether you have a new application that you would like to develop and think a wax blend might be the solution or have an existing requirement that might need fine tuning, Poth Hille wax blends are your first choice.

Poth Hille Specialised Waxes
Poth Hille Specialised Waxes
Poth Hille Specialised Waxes

Our Range of Specialised Waxes

Surfboard Wax

Poth Hille have developed a range of UK specification top coat board waxes which provide superb grip and board adhesion .We can also produce a surf wax of your own design, colour and scent. (minimum order size applies)

We offer units in 75g-110g bar shape and 75g-95g discs or 5Kg blocks so you can make your own designed product.

Cool water, warm water and tropical grades are also available.

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Kerb Wax

A special formulation designed for use on kerbs, rails and ledges giving the skateboarder great slip performance and grindability.

Available in a choice of colours and fragrances in two optional shapes that will fit neatly in your pocket.

We can also produce to your own specification. (minimum order size applies)

Magic Wax

We have developed several special wax blends for use as magic props and accessories such as card on the ceiling wax and invisible thread anchors. A choice of colours and hardness make those magic tricks work every time!

Cricket Bat Wax

Being situated in Essex we are in the home of cricket bat willow production. During the manufacture of cricket bats the willow is selected, cut and dried and dipped in wax at both ends to prevent splitting. Our blended wax allows the drying process to work freely providing even coverage and a flexibility that won’t crack once applied.

Bowls Wax

Formulated as a base wax to provide grip when applied to the hands as well as imparting a superior shine and glide to the bowl.

Dental Wax

Our wax is a mixture of food grade microcrystalline and highest quality BP Beeswax giving flexibility, easy to soften and great adhesion properties.

Calendar Smearing Wax

Sometimes known as Karagami Wax or Laundry wax. Our product is a wax compound supplied in flake form for easy spreadability. Ideal for medium temperature flatwork ironers and pressing equipment. Helps produce a smooth finish, prolonging ribbon life and prevents sticking to the heated cylinder. Higher working temperature grades are available.

Mandrel Wax

Developed by our R & D team for use in industrial production of toilet tissue and kitchen roll this high performance wax is applied to the cardboard roll during production and prevents overheating thus allowing the glue to bond successfully. We are able to produce the optimum block size to custom fit manufacturer’s requirements.

Casting Wax

At Poth Hille we have a long tradition of supplying high quality wax blends for use in Bronze Casting, Sculpting and Moulding, We produce our own Orange Earth Wax, Green Casting Wax and Blended Microcrystalline Wax catering for the enthusiast ,student ,art college or business.