Natural Wax Blends

Natural Wax Blends – keeping it natural.

Poth Hille are able to formulate and blend both natural and synthetic waxes providing alternative and cost effective products which retain the characteristics and performance of the originals. Below are a selection of blends and substitute products mainly supplied to the cosmetic market sector.

Natural Emulsifying Wax

A completely natural emulsifying wax based on Beeswax and ideal for use in o/w emulsions, sun creams and baby care products. Gives a richer, smoother feel to skincare products.

Poth Hille Natural Wax Blends Moisturiser

Vegan Suitable Beeswax Substitute

A carefully selected blend of waxes designed to reproduce the feel and general characteristics of natural beeswax but without containing beeswax or any other animal derived products. We also offer a totally synthetic beeswax substitute which is very cost effective.

Poth Hille Natural Wax Blends Lip Balm

Candelilla Wax Substitute (Natural & Synthetic Versions)

As a protected species, the regular supply of Candelilla Wax has become increasingly difficult to secure. In response to demand from the cosmetic sector Poth Hille have formulated both a totally natural and a synthetic version that meets the specification and general characteristics of this wax.

Poth Hille Natural Wax Blends Mascara

Carnauba Wax Substitute

Natural wax pricing and availability can be affected by both adverse weather conditions and currency fluctuations within the market. Carnauba Wax Substitute is produced from readily available materials of stable pricing that will give the equivalent performance and characteristics of Carnauba Wax.

Poth Hille Natural Wax Blends Lipstick

Natural Petroleum Jelly Substitute

Sourced from totally natural raw materials, this blend reproduces the feel and texture characteristics of petroleum jelly / petrolatum but with totally natural credentials. Available in white and yellow versions.

Poth Hille Natural Wax Blends Lip Balm

Japan Wax Substitute

Japan Wax has long been used in the manufacture of cosmetics. Poth Hille have a number of Japan Wax substitutes. Taylor made and blended using both natural and synthetic waxes dependent on the required use.

Poth Hille Natural Wax Blends Eye Pencils

Shellac Wax Substitute

Shellac and in consequence Shellac Wax availability have long been at the mercy of weather conditions and yield from the harvest periods. Shellac wax substitute contains no Shellac Wax but is still able to reproduce its qualities and appearance but at a fraction of the cost.

Poth Hille Natural Wax Blends Mascara