Depilatory Wax

Depilatory Wax – Blended to perfection.

Poth Hille are a leading manufacturer of quality depilatory waxes, supplying the professional beauty industry for over 40 years.

As well as an extensive range of both soft and hard depilatory waxes we can offer our customers a bespoke product which can include your own colour and fragrance preferences.

Poth Hille depilatory waxes are produced to a variety of formulations, offering a perfect high performance wax for different hair types as well as various skin characteristics, including the most sensitive areas of the body, leaving the skin smooth, hair and residue free thus enhancing the salon waxing experience.

The high quality of our depilatory waxes is assured by sourcing only the finest grades of raw materials from within the EU thus avoiding cheaper alternatives. Consistency of quality is guaranteed by our in house laboratory quality control, testing before, during and after production, ensuring each batch of product is within our strict specification parameters.

Our range of soft waxes is virtually limitless, including warm and cream in a variety of colours and incorporating a diverse range of scents and essential oils such as tea tree, jojoba, rose geranium, lavender etc.

As an alternative we also offer strip free specially formulated hot wax. This pliable depilatory wax removes even the most stubborn hair leaving the skin remarkably smooth.

Poth Hille Depilatory

Poth Hille Depilatory

Grades of Depilatory Wax

Soft Wax (PHC 8179)

A honey coloured general purpose superior wax ideal for normal skin and hair types.

Soft Wax PHC8179 – Data Sheet

Luxury Cream Wax (PHC 8364)

A smooth creamy textured wax much in demand for use on finer hair and more delicate skin.

Luxury Cream Wax PHC8364 – Data Sheet

Pink Cream Wax (PHC 8488)

A hint of pink makes this gentle wax stand out. It is ideal for fine hair and sensitive skin types.

Pink Cream Wax PHC8488 – Data Sheet

Tea Tree Cream Wax (PHC 8555)

Recognisable by its green hue and distinctive fragrance, this luxury cream wax has the additional benefit of tea tree oil, one of nature’s natural antiseptics.

Tea Tree Cream Wax PHC8555 – Data Sheet

Lavender Cream Wax (PHC 8641)

Beautifully tinted lavender in colour, this cream wax also contains lavender essential oil, releasing a calming fragrance as well as promoting its soothing properties.

Lavender Wax PHC8641 – Data Sheet

These are just a few examples of our soft wax range. There are many more variations available. Please contact us for more details.

All the above waxes are available in 425gm jars, 100gm cartridges, 75gm tubes or in bulk containers.